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Plum & Ginger Jam wins at the Great British Food Awards 2022

We are absolutely bowled over to win best Jam in Great Britain at this year's Great British Food Awards. Judged by no less than Raymond Blanc!

It's a lovely feather in our cap as we march on with our Treguddick adventure.

What we are really about here is taking the best in food, spirits and liqueurs and spinning these delicious threads of flavour into mouth-watering experiences.

We take fresh plums, peeled and sliced ginger and cook with our plum gin liqueur to produce a jam that offers a gentle sweetness, an immense depth and breadth of flavour and the floral spiced warmth that is the complexity of fresh prep'ed ginger. For me it's such a gorgeous alternative to marmalade. Goes well with cheese too!

Available at our pantry at Treguddick or on-line

if you're struggling to pop in. Treat yourself!

Also in our range are our unctuous Boozy Ketchup and Brown Sauce.

Coming in the next week or so are our utterly drool-worthy range of distilled vinegars.

Keep an eye out for news on these - they really are game changers to have in your cooking arsenal.


Dr. J, out.

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